Walk With Us

We met in 2014, at a coffee store, as three very different individuals (almost strangers) with a common passion and goal to help those in need. Our primary focus from the beginining was our very own backyard, the Gold Coast community. We started as wanting to support the homeless & disadvantaged but within a year we expanded to helping the youth, lonely, domestic violence and sufferers of mental health. As the years grew so did our charity and so did our understanding that each and every one of us is not so different after all. We are human, good humans at that.

 Fast forward to the now. Our team of volunteers has varsely expanded. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, each with their own story to tell and genuine motivation to help others. Some are qualified to offer services, and some are there to offer a hug or a smile. Each volunteer brings their own quality into our charity and we have nothing but love and good vibes for everyone, no matter the circumstance.

Our services throughout the year include helping the homeless, disadvantaged, youth and domestic violence victims with weekly dinners, food packs, clothing, furniture and linking in with Queensland government with housing and health services. Our biggest event is our annual Christmas Eve event which attracts over 200 homeless and disadvantaged individuals and families.

Thank you for visiting,

Love WWU,

Nikki, Jade, Matt xxx